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Market research and analysis
Connect with local experts and thought leaders
Test the product USP and sales strategy
Community Relationships
PR Strategy & Media outreach
Market research and analysis

Connect with local experts, thought leaders
Test the product USP and sales strategy
Community Relationships
PR Strategy & Media outreach

About us

MakeSuccess is an advisory board of experienced professionals for international technology startups and IT companies that are expanding to India. We ensure that ambitious companies experience soft landing in an arduous, authentic and so promising Asian region.

Located in the Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore - our experienced, enthusiastic team is well connected in the startup ecosystem and top corporates across the nation.
We know the market, country mentality, top communities, thought leaders, and the best ways to test multiple strategies, adopt and frame the product roadmap as per the market demand, pitch any story to the media, best ways to sort the legal, accounting difficulties in collaboration with trusted experts and agencies.

We focus on SaaS, High-tech Startups, Online Education

Our Principles

How we work is more than just words and our path is clear. We care deeply for our clients, our partners, our communities, and everyone around us. We always strive to do the right things, pursuing the highest performance. We're a self-driven and result-oriented team with our main focus being on clients' business goals.


    Why to expand to India

    • Enter the new, fast-growing Economy
    • Scale your business to the many billion nation
    • Attract new investors
    • Scale to APAC region quickly

    Build brand awareness with the best media outlets:

    Our work examples

    Global ed: tech company
    A developer-centric startup

    Challenge we solved: A developer-centric startup wanted to improve product adoption and receive developers' feedback, test enterprise sales pipeline and connect with local VCs.

    Solution we offered: We designed a brand campaign keeping in mind the local mentality, connected with the developers' community to spread the news about the hackathon through local developer communities. We secured speaking slots for the spokesperson and appointed the right vendors for generating an enterprise sales pipeline.

    Result: We've collected the feedback from 6000 developers within 6 months, the company updated the product roadmap. 2 enterprise deals got closed, currently. The company is in discussion with top Indian enterprises and has a pipeline of 6M USD.

    Tech company
    Challenge we solve: Expand the tech company within none tech enterprise companies in India.

    Solution we offer: We've done detailed research of the potential (not direct) competitors and connected with multiple reselling companies. We started working with a lead generation agency that had experience in the vertical and identify the right message and approach to the decision-makers (inbound and outbound marketing strategies). We built a strong personal brand for the C-level executive via leadership articles in business media.

    Results: The results will be presented in the next quarter.

    Global SaaS
    Challenge we solved: A SaaS global marketing brand wanted to receive recognition at the enterprise level and bring massive brand awareness in the Indian startup ecosystem.

    Solution we offered: We've done the detailed market research and the UPS of small local players, run multiple surveys via local communities and framed a special UPS/sales strategy for the region. We focused on creating wide brand awareness, community building initiatives and digital PR (so boost the local search position in Google). We regularly run regional brand marketing campaigns ( challenges related to the main cultural festivals in the country) and worked tightly with opinion leaders. As a result, we've received known brands as customers and created multiple case studies.

    Result: MRR growth by 300% within 2 years of collaboration, brand awareness growth by 5000%. The brand got connected with top startup accelerators, VCs, and business incubators and has been. Identified the media message for the Tier 1 media and as a result, got over 200 coverages in 3 months.

    Challenge we solved: A global ed: tech company wanted to establish an absolutely new brand in India, test the market and quickly expand to Asia.

    Solution we offered: We provided the registered entity to the partner for the 3 months pilot period, helped in setting up the payment process, documentation, connecting with the trusted local industry experts.

    The key focus was on understanding the high-demand courses, sales triggers and channels. We focused on collaborating with the corporate experts from the multinational brands, connected with HR agencies and recruitment partners.

    Result: 5 batches are launched and the company is registered in India. The startup is planning to receive the first funding by the end of the year. More updates are coming up soon.

    Our founders

    Yulia Aslamova
    Anna Kislova
    Co-founder, 13 years experience in Business Development, Brand Marketing and PR.
    Co-founder, a consultant for ed: tech projects with strong expertise in business development, talent acquisition and marketing.
    Konstantin Korolev
    Co-founder, Ex-CEO of co-working network and marketing agency. More than 17 years of experience in real estate management, development and consulting.

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